It's a New Year... but does that mean you need a new you?

Welcome to 2020!  I'm sure you've heard that enough over the last few days already.  And I'm sure you've seen the phrase "New Year, New You" all over as well.  Heck, even I used those words in my posts!  But it made me think, just because it's a new year, does that mean we need to reinvent ourselves?  We all go through different seasons in our lives and it doesn't mean that January 1st lines up with a time to change.  Why not stay the fabulous version of ourselves that we already are?? 

I do however think it can be a great time to tidy up the clutter in our lives.  Go through our closets and get rid of what we know we don't feel good in.  My number one rule is that no matter what you wear, it needs to be you.  How you dress in the morning sets you up for your day ahead.  Even if it means just being at home and being the best mom and wife you can be.  You should still dress for YOU!

I want The Curated Closet to be a place you can come and find pieces that will last.  Pieces of clothing that you can wear several different ways.  Clothes you can have fun with because they give you so many options.  

That being said, I want to offer my guidance.  Guidance is all it can be because you know you.  You know what works for your lifestyle.  But maybe you need help with pairing things up, or sizing and fit.  I am here.  You can chat with me through the website, email me, or we can FaceTime.  I can tell you how things fit, we can talk about what you like about certain items and what you don't like.  Best part is, there is no pressure to buy.  You are still in full control of what you put in your closet, but I am certain I would be happy to have met you!

So here we go, another year, still the same fabulous you!  Go get em!

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