ZYIA Inside The Curated Closet

For almost a year now, I have been looking for an activewear brand to stock inside the closet.  

I am actually happy that it's taken me this long because I have finally found the perfect one. 

I am sure many of you know of ZYIA Activewear and many of you already own some of it.  I have decided to partner with them and bring ZYIA into The Curated Closet

I believe in what they stand for.  I love the quality of their items and I love the variety they offer.  

It's the perfect compliment to what's already here in this store.  

How do you shop?  Click on the link below.  It will take you to The Curated Closet's ZYIA page.  You will find my picture there as I am your representative.

Click on SHOP and there will always be a current month event open for you to use.  Click that and shop away!


Stay tuned for some feature products.

Now a little more about of ZYIA... 

What is ZYIA?!
🌙 They are an activewear company that started just over 3 years ago by a few moms who wanted to create a business opportunity for women that would allow them to make whatever their vision, or their dream, possible. Over the last 3 years, ZYIA has grown far more quickly than anyone anticipated!
🌙 ZYIA launched in Canada in January of 2019 and they are exceeding ALL expectations. Canadians LOVE their activewear and are ready to try something new!
🌙 A big part of why ZYIA was created was to get women together to become healthier and more active and feel more purpose in life.
If you have any questions, please reach out to me by filling in the form below.  
I want you to be as informed as possible about this brand, so I leave some information below on how their products are made, the features and what this company stands for.
Their four pillars...
Here are some of my favourites, and soon to be yours...

Are they thermals, pajama bottoms, or joggers? They’re all three!

Their thermal line is soft enough and functional enough to be whatever you need this season.

They paired the super-soft waffle-weave fabric of thermals with jogger features like front pockets, a smooth drawstring waistband, and gentle-grip cuffs. Cinch them up and wear them under your ski bibs, or slide them on for an evening by the fire. There are no wrong choices!


The Cozy Jogger


A true jogger is all about comfort, but what separates it from imitators is its ability to perform. Cut from a technical fabric blend, their four-way stretch jogger effortlessly moves with your every step and lunge while also helping to wick sweat and prevent chafing.

The triple-channel waistband is flat and smooth for a comfortable fit that doesn't dig or roll. The functional drawstring adds another level of security—cinch it down for a worry-free run or loosen it up to chill.

Finally, they added low-profile front pockets for utility without bulk. With so many smart features, this jogger will quickly become one of your closet's greatest hits.  It sure is one of mine!